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I would like to address the fact that Florida has a stand your ground law.

Stand your ground in general terms means you don’t have the duty to retreat. But what if it doesn’t mean if you feel scared pull your firearm out and shoot. If you know anything about CCW law the first thing you have to do is meet the requirements. Number one not at fault for the confrontation Period conditioner to that you have a reasonable and honest belief of danger that means serious bodily harm or death in the moment I want. And with that said the case of the Florida recently televised with the white male shoved to the ground at the gas station and shooting the black male. In my opinion it didn’t meat the legal requirement for self-defense. The man was pushed down yes that was concerning he didn’t attempt to get up and go and walk away. He did not attempt to get up at all he pulled his firearm out and shot the man in front of his child and wife. When it could have been resolved.

That man was shot in anger not in self-defense. So let’s go over what self-defense means. It means that if you are threatened in a manner which you believe honestly believe that will cause more death of you or another person of no fault of their own or yours self defense can you be used. Stand your ground basically means that you don’t have the duty to retreat. But it does not mean you have the right to shoot just because someone gives you a hassle minor scrapes bruises are not grounds for deadly force. You must take that responsibilities seriously you have the ability to take someone’s life how about this Okay. The reason you have a firearm laws for self-defense not offense you do not act poorly out of anger irresponsibly fire your firearm when it is dangerous enough to try to defend yourself in a situation where self-defense is required with a handgun there are a lot of variables how much have you trained how well do you know your firearm if you have the opportunity get it out and in

A stressful situation training his key to make right decisions and bad situations. It’s hard enough to do that when you train betta long do it on-the-fly in anger. Again just to reiterate conditions are must not be at fault for creating the confrontation number to must have an honest and reasonable belief of serious bodily harm or death in the immediate situation number three you have no duty to retreat but you have the responsibility to act in a legal and responsible manner.