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CCW / Concealed Handgun License Training


Class Option 1: Virtual Classroom Saturdays 8am-1pm + range time to be announced at each class.

Class Option 2: Virtual classroom Combined Monday 6PM-9pm AND Wednesday 6PM-9pm + range time to be announced at each class. Both Classroom dates are required and are required to be completed in the same week.

Class = $130
Range = $24
Total: $154.00/Person

CCW Class Signup

Do You Need a Firearm?

Agreement & Waiver of Liability (Required for Class)

Are you hearing impaired or do you have any hearing issues?

The CCW / Concealed Carry Permit / Concealed Handgun Training Process:

  1. Signup for your Classroom Portion below!
  2. Your Range time options will be presented during class.
  3. After you pass the course, you will obtain your CCW Certificate.
  4. Schedule with the Sheriff’s department your appointment to obtain your license.

Download Zoom by clicking the image above. Virtual Classes are Recorded per State Law. Please direct any questions to info@ccwcleveland.net